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Controllers EDU series

All Kolver screwdrivers work in combination with a control unit acting as an AC to DC transformer and torque controller. The electronic control circuit cuts the power supply to the motor as soon as the pre-set torque has been reached. The EDU1FR control units for FAB and RAF screwdrivers feature a maintenance free state-of-the-art electronics with no wearing components. Additional features: slow start (0-2 sec), adjustable speed (60% to 100%) and visual indicators (green–red) for power on/off and clutch action. The EDU1FR/SG controller features additional circuits wired to one connector in the backpanel: output 24V for torque reached and lever signals; input: start and reverse contacts.

For the PLUTO series the EDU2AE gives you all the advantages of precision torque controlled electric tools at a fraction of the price of transdurized tools. Additional features: torque, adjustable torque and speed forward and reverse, hard or soft joint, slow start time, min and max fastening time, torque control right & left, screw counter, max torque time, autoreverse, torque value display (Nm or in.lbs). Standard on all units: remote start, remote reverse, torque reached signal, error signal, emergency stop.

The multiple torque system is designed to expand the functionality of the PLUTO screwdriver by enabling easy access to multiple torque settings with one controller and one Pluto driver only. Models include a double torque output unit and a multiple torque unit EDU2AE/TOP. It features up to 8 programs, each one with different torque values, speed, ramp, screw counting, batch counting, USB port for printer and PC connection, torque chart with real time clock.

  • 8 independent programs: with one PLUTO screwdriver you can replace 8 conventional screwdrivers.
  • Each program can accept the following settings: Torque, Speed, Type of Joint, Number of Screws to be tightened, Number of Rejects allowed, Minimum screwing time, Maximum screwing time, Ramp time, Auto reverse, Auto switch to the next program with any sequence, Allow or Prevent reverse option: you can find the correct setting for any applications, never miss a screw in your assembly.
  • Password protected: no tampering from anybody.
  • Statistics menu with summary of work done: at the end of the day you'll know how many cycles have been performed correctly, how many wrongly, total number of screws etc.
  • 15 input and 11 output connectors: you can control all functions from PLC.
  • Options include USB port, Socket tray or Switch box: maximum flexibility.
  • Giant 135 x 40mm blue display: easy to read from any angle.
  • Easy programming through user friendly menu.
  • Price 3 times lower than any similar product in the market. The new EDU2AE/TOP control unit features:
  • screwdriver model setting
  • tightening torque, fastening and unscrewing speed
  • acceleration ramp
  • min and max fastening time
  • autoreverse
  • password protect settings
  • prevailing torque function (for an adjustable time)
  • clockwise or counterclockwise rotation (right or left screws) with torque control
  • torque value in Nm on the display through dedicated calibration menu
  • screw count function
  • min-max torque interval with OK or NOK signal
  • 8 independent programs: with one PLUTO screwdriver you can replace 8 conventional screwdrivers.
  • Time and date
  • Program selection by barcode
  • Program selection by socket tray and/or switchbox
  • Also available in TA version with torque/angle combined control functions (see dedicated page)


010010/FR In: 90-230V ac out: 18-27V dc - power 120VA - slow start and adjustable speed 138 x 118 x 67 0,6 FAB, RAF and KBL Series
010010/FR/SG like above - Input: start and reverse contacts Output: torque reached & lever signal 138 x 118 x 67 0,6 FAB and RAF Series
003000 Adjustable speed 138 x 118 x 67 0,6 KBL series
003000/SG Output signals: torque, error and lever; Input signals: start, stop and reverse 138 x 118 x 67 0,6 KBL series
032000 Programmable with user interface screens 195 x 170 x 110 2,40 PLUTO series
032000/FR For PLUTO..FR series. Like EDU2AE + Run time, Additional signals, Serial Port, Optional screwdriver connector on back panel 195 x 170 x 110 2,40 PLUTO..FR Series
032000/HPro Like EDU2AE + Torque value, additional signals, Serial Port, serial print, integrated screw counter, Optional screwdriver connector on back panel 195 x 170 x 110 2,40 PLUTO series
032000/TOP 8 different programs - selection by barcode, socket tray, switchbox 190 x 205 x 120 2,50 PLUTO series
032000/TOP/E Like EDU2AE/TOP + remote programming via USB & PC (with EDU EXPAND software) 190 x 205 x 120 2,50 PLUTO series
031000/TOP/NT For NATO screwdrivers - multiprogram 200x170x110 2,50 NATO Series
031000/TOP/NT/E For NATO screwdriver - multiprogram with remote PC and USB programming 200x170x110 2,50 NATO Series

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