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Digital Force Gauge Model DFG

General Information

  • Digital force gauge with internal load cell for measurements of tensile and compressive forces.
  • Small and handy unit for mobile use and stationary use with test stands.
  • Ergonomic and rigid metal housing protects the accurate load cell and electronics when used in rugged environments.
  • High measuring accuracy, resolution and repeatability.
  • Easy to read LCD Display with LED backlight and automatic 180º switching.
  • Easy handling , operation by 5 capacitive touch keys.
  • Peak Point Mode with indication of the highest measured force value (Peak and Auto Peak mode selectable).
  • Tracking Mode with continuous indication of current force values.
  • Tare compensation.
  • Programmable low and high set points.
  • Measured value memory for 1000 measured values.
  • Switchable units: N, gf, kgf, ozf, lbf.
  • Set-up menu for general parameter selection.
  • Serial and USB Interface.
  • Mechanical overload protection and overload display.
  • Rechargeable battery and mains operation.
  • Auto-Power-Off with user-selectable timing.

Technical specifications

Model Designation DFG
Indication Ranges 0 – 2/5/10/20/50/100/200/500/1000 N
Resolution 10000/4000 increments, see overview.
Accuracy error ≤ ±0.2% F.S. ± LSD
Overload capacity indication range ≤ 5 N: 150% F.S.
indication range ≥ 10 N: 200% F.S.
Dimensions ca. 160x73x34 mm (HxWxD).
Weight ca. 700 g.
Material/Finish metal / black.
Mounting 6 fixing holes M4
Sensing Head threaded load shaft M6.
Display LCD-Display with LED backlight and with automatic 180º switching
Sampling rate 2000 Hz.
Units switchable N, gf, kgf, ozf, lbf.
Memory 1000 measured values.
Operation 5 capacitive touch keys.
Interfaces RS232C, USB
Power supply external 3.6 V DC 800 mAh (AC adapter /charger) or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.
Universal USB/BM charger

Standard Accessories

DFG Force Gauge, power adapter, USB cable, cushioned carrying case. Following accessories are included for performing a variety of measurements: hook, conical tip, flat tip
(Ø 12 mm), chisel tip, notched tip, extension rod 80 mm.

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