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Digital Microscopes with display

General Information

The progressive miniaturization of components increasingly makes optical quality control difficult. The MI&T microscopes with adjustable focus, high resolution and good illumination in combination with suitable measuring supports allow better visualization of the smallest components. Thus, even the smallest crimp connectors and conductor cross sections for quality control or circuit cards during repair can be displayed with high quality.

  • Digital microscopes with display, tripod, lighting, monitor connection and USB interface
  • Universally applicable microscopes, e.g. for optical inspection of stripping and crimp quality, visual inspection of welded joints and components, repair of printed circuit boards and small mechanical assemblies
  • with LCD display for stand-alone operation.
  • magnification up to 560 times
  • Monitor connection for external monitor
  • PC connection via USB 2.0 in PC camera mode
  • Full HD video output
  • Real time display
  • SD card slot for storing photos/videos on optional Micro SD card
  • HDMI display output mode with max. resolution 1920x1080
  • USB 2.0 output mode: function as Windows PC camera, storage photo or video, max. Resolution 1080x720p
  • Metal tripod with height adjustment and 2 integrated LED lights.
  • Optional: various measuring supports, e. g. MHC support for cables with crimped terminals

Technical data

Material Metal
Dimensions 12,5 x Ø3,5 cm
Image sensor 3 Megapixels HD Sensor
Screen 13 x 9 x 2 cm with 5" LCD display, tilt adjustable
Opt. magnification up to 560 times (HDMI Monitor 22")
Dig. magnification 1 to 4 times
Focus range 5 to 12 cm
Video output 1080p Full HD (HDMI), 720p (PC)
Video format real time via HDMI, MJPED via PC
Photo resolution 12 M
Photo format JPEG
Frame rate max. 30 f/s
Data output USB 2.0 interface, Video outputs: HDMI, AV, SD card

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