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Force Measuring System Model CMS

General Information

  • Digital high-precision force measuring system for measurements of tensile and compressive forces.
  • Force measuring system consisting of high-precision remote load cell with sensor interface CMS (A/D converter and USB interface) integrated in the connection cable of the load cell and CMS configuration and evaluation software. Optional the force measuring system can be supplied with a tablet display, tablet computer or laptop, each with installed and fully configured software.
  • Configuration and evaluation software for analysis and graphical presentation.
  • High measuring accuracy, resolution and repeatability.
  • Easy operation.
  • Rapid internal update rate consistently captures even critical force readings
  • Tracking Mode with indication of current force values.
  • Minimum and maximum value memory (resettable).
  • Variable average determination.
  • Tare compensation.
  • User settable upper and lower limit (OK/NOK evaluation).
  • Graphical presentation of measured values (force/time).
  • Manual or automatic storage in a CSV- ad BMP-file.
  • Scaling function of the input variable to any display value with unit.
  • Configuration menu for general parameter setting.
  • Load cells with different capacities can be used and operated alternately. After factory parameterization of the CMS interface of the respective load cell, the CMS software recognizes each load cell automatically. Thus, measurement can be started immediately after connection of the load cell through the USB-connector of the interface.
  • Ideally suitable for calibration of MI&T test stations and testers.

Technical specifications

Model Designation: CMS
Indication ranges depending on load cell model, see e. g. SM load cells.
Resolution depending on rated output of load cell per ±1 mV/V = ±10000 digits
Accuracy error ≤ ±0.1% F.S. ± LSD.
Load cells see specs
Sensor interface USB
Power Supply from USB, 4 V, ≤ 20 mA
Measured values ±3 mV/V = ±30000 digits
Resolution 1 mV/V = 10000 digits
Zero point 0 digits
Output Format 16 Bit Signed Int.
Internal update rate adjustable, max. 5000 Hz
Accuracy ± 32 Bit
Cable lengths sensor cable 1m, USB cable 0.5 m (max. 2 m) with USB-A, connector
Dimensions 25x115 mm (Ø x L), weight: 250 g.
Miscellaneous Temperature drift: 4 Bit/K
Nominal temperature range: +10…+40 ºC
Service temperature range: +10…+40 ºC
Storage temperature range: +10…+70 ºC
Protection class: IP67

Configuration & Evaluation Software

Indication of current measuring value (tracking mode), single measurement, graphical presentation of measured values (force/time, automatic
scaling of Y-axis), resettable maximum value (peak value) memory, resettable minimum value memory, tare compensation, variable average determination (adjustable), adjustable lower and upper limit for OK/NOK evaluation, automatic and manual storage in a CSV- and BMP-file, operating languages: German, English, French

System requirements: Windows ’00 / ’03 / ’08 / XP /Vista / 7 32/64 / 8, Single Core ex 2.0 GHz (without diagram), Dual Core ex 1.8 GHz (with diagram),

Optional Accessories

  • Tablet display with installed and fully configured CMS software.
  • Tablet computer with installed and fully configured CMS software.
  • Laptop with installed and fully configured CMS software.
  • Installation service: upon customer’s request MI&T can install and configure the MSC software on a provided, customer-owned computer.
  • External control signal excitation in the load cell in order to check the adjustment of the load cell at any time.

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