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Heavy-duty Test Station Model STM

General Information

  • Compact and easy-to-use test station with great touch panel and automatic motor drive for tension and compression tests.
  • Versatile usable Test Station e.g. for pull-off tests of crimped, pressed, welded and glued parts as cables with crimped terminals, contact plates, connectors of cable har-
    nesses as well as for tension and compression tests in materials testing.
  • Indication range 0 to 50 kN, Resolution 5 N
  • Measuring system with high accuracy and repeatability.
  • Motorized drive with adjustable and controlled test speed
  • Quick change tool mounting adapter for tool assembly
  • Peak Point Mode with indication of the highest measured force value
  • Tracking Mode with indication of current force values.
  • Break Stop function with automatic stop and reversal after break of test specimen.
  • Preset of test load for non-destructive tests.
  • Operation of measuring system and drive unit via capacitive touch panel.
  • Tare compensation
  • Overload indication.
  • Measured-value memory.
  • Single and listing output of measured values via serial port.
  • Interfaces: RS232C, USB, Ethernet
  • Set-up menu for internal parameter setting and adjustment of measuring system.

Technical specifikation

Model designation STM 50kN
Indication Range 0 – 50 kN
Resolution 5 N
Rel. accuracy error ≤ ±0.25% ± LSD (within the measuring range)
Force Transducer DMS-load cell with integrated 16 bit AD-converter.
Overload protection up to 150% of nominal load of load cell.
Dimensions ca. 800x300x300 mm (BxTxH);
Weight ca. 100 kg (without testing tools);
Construction durable all metal construction mechanical overload protection
Housing stainless steel / aluminium


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