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Kodera C531

New design which boasts high-speed, high quality and enhanced performance.

Ultrahigh-speed fully automatic both end crimper, C531 has come onstage.
The quality of the products, which are stably produced 100% of the time, constantly keep up top levels, even though amazing processing speed such as 12,000 pieces/hour (0.3 second/piece), thanks to the newly developed Cross Roller Unit which eliminate the winding fixture and the Crimp Forth Monitor included as standard equipment which controls the quality of the product one by one.
Tooling change operation is completed easily and quickly. Thanks to the reel change with one touch operation and mounted compact & lightweight [HX applicator] with built-in ID tag. No need for complicated adjustment.
In addition, it contributes drastic cut down of the running cost by power consumption saving, air consumption saving and extreme price-reduction of the crimper & the anvil.
Furthermore, worker-friendly and excellent visible high sensitive liquid crystal touch panel is adopted.
Innovative design form which has not been existent in the past wire processing machines is one of the characteristics, too.
10 colored covers are provided. When you use several machines, you can change the color of the cover according to the processing line. 
Also, coloration to meet your corporate color is possible. " Valuable and happy machine" for users, that is C531.

c531-detailUltrahigh-speed processing.

12,000pieces/hour (0.3second/1piece) has been brought into reality.

Tooling change time is cut down.

Simplified reel change and one-touch operation with built in ID tag and compact & lightweight “HX Applicator” No need for adjustment.

The shortest processing length of 29mm has come true.

Short wire processing (the shortest processing length is 29mm), which both end crimpers are not good at, has come to realization. See the picture (L) above for size. It depends on the type of terminals or wires, though.

No winding fixture and high quality finishing of the product.

Adopting the newly developed cross roller unit, high quality product with no winding fixture is created.

Reliable quality control.

A Crimp Forth Monitor which controls the quality of the product one by one is included as standard equipment.

Cut down of the running cost.

applicatorPower consumption saving, air consumption saving and extreme price-reduction of the crimper and anvil have been realized.

Worker-friendly and easy to handle.

Excellent visible and high sensitive liquid crystal touch panel display is adopted.

Efficient use of space.

Space-saving compact design.

Beautification of your factory (work site).

Innovative design form and selectable colored covers.



Processing Lengths

Stripping length 0.1~7.0mm
Minimum processing length L ≧29mm  
Maximum cutting length 99,999mm(Approx 100m)
Cutting tolerance Within±(0.1+0.005×L)mm L= Cutting length


Crimping terminal Open barrel chain terminals (side feed) F/Max,22mm. R/Max,16mm.
Crimper capacity Standard 700kg
Control method Digital cam-driven

Measurement (body only), weight

Width×Depth×Height 520mm×540mm×1,550mm
Weight 125kg


Electric power supply   single phase AC100V~AC240V(free) 50/60Hz
Air supply   16N ℓ/min 0.5MPa (Use clean dry air only.)
Power consumption During rest 200W
At maximum 775W (300mm processing)

Processing wire

Applicable wire diamete AWG#18~AWG#34(Depending on wire.)
Applicable wire type AV、 AVS、 AVSS、 CAVUS、 KV、 KIV、 UL、 Teflon,etc..

Applicators Specifications

Crimper Side

Width×Depth×Height 27mm×23mm×79mm
Weight 150g
ID Information 1. Terminal information (model number, manufacturer), 
2.Wire type, 
3. Core diameter, 
4. Crimp height, 
5. Crimp force, 
6. Appropriatestripping length, 
7. Crimp position data, 
8. Shot number (maximum 8 digits),
9. Trip shot number (maximum 7 digits), 
10. Administrator (or Owner), 11.Control Lot No.

Dies Side

Width×Depth×Height 39mm×30mm×57mm
Weight 145g
ID Information 1. Terminal information (model number, manufacturer), 
2. Shot number (maximum 8 digits), 
3. Trip shot number (maximum 7 digits),
4. Administrator (or Owner), 
5. Control Lot No.

Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continual improvements.

Process Capability Table  

Total length Number of output pieces per hour
 50mm 12,000pieces
 70mm 12,000pieces
100mm 11,800pieces
200mm 10,900pieces
300mm 10,200pieces
500mm  9,000pieces

Processing Condition

Wire:UL1571 AWG#30
Terminal: DF57-2830SCF
Setting: Speed/Nomal
With CPD-06

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