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Kodera C550 HX

Full automatic single end crimping unit, single end twisting and soldering unit.

The process of strip, crimp, twist and solder takes at 9000 pieces/hour.

Based on 551HX whose strong point is super fast processing, in order to perform the process of twisting and soldering more speedily, the twisting blade is put in the cutter block and also the compactification of the operation of changing a wire is made extreme.Flux treatment adopted the Pouring Method which is our new idea has realized the processing time of 04 second for each.
Since the mechanism that the flux is constantly rotated and poured and applied to the wire reduces the evaporation of the flux to the extreme, the waste of the flux is cut and economic efficiency is great.


The new idea of the stand-alone soldering unit has newly developed.

The soldering unit which is developed to pursue the neater finish is made independent from the HX main body to extremely reduce the oxidation by the vibration of the fluid level which is caused by the vibration during the crimping etc.Reducing of the preparation time has been enabled thanks to the shortening of heating up the solder time (lead-free solder to 350 deg C) compared to the old units.


The soldering bath which is made with carved titanium has been realized perfect lead-free.

The perfect titanic soldering bath has been adopted in order to meet the high melting temperature of lead-free bath.
Without the fear of eating away, always equable soldering is promised. 
And the preparation time (from turning on the power to the beginning of operation) is only 10 minutes thanks to the heat efficiency in the bath is the best.



img11-d03Pursuing the processing of shorter length wire…

By means of moving the setting position of the cutting blade in the cutter block, 
shorter lead processing has been realized. ( minimum 19mm)
Handling the thin and short leads which are mainly used for the compact electronic devices has been enabled.

Everyone can operate simply and easily.


The unit integrates a 5.7 inch full color LCD touch panel which is interactive data entry and has crimp force monitoring system and also the screen can be changed to English, Traditional Chinese, 
Simplified Chinese and Korean including Japanese with a single touch



Processing Lengths

Value that can be set in longest Stripping length At cutting position "0" Front end 0.1~34.5mm
Rear end 0.1~5.5mm
At cutting position "1" Front end 0.1~6.5mm
Rear end 0.1~33.5mm
Minimum processing length L ≧19mm  
Maximum cutting length 99,999mm(about100m)
Cutting tolerance Within ±(0.1+0.0005xL)mm; L= Cutting length


Crimping terminal Open barrel chain terminals (side feed) Max,27mm.
Crimper capacity 1.2ton
Control method Digital control

Measurement (body only), Weight

Width×Depth×Height 700mm×550mm×1,210mm
Weight 190kg


Electric power supply   single phase AC100V~AC240V 50/60Hz
Air supply   18N ℓ/min 0.5MPa (Use clean , dry air.)
Power consumption During rest 330W(100V)
At maximum 850W(100V)

Processing wire

Applicable wire diameter AWG#18~AWG#32(Depending on wire)
Applicable wire type AV、 AVS、 AVSS、 CAVUS、 KV、 KIV、 UL、 Teflon,etc..

Applicators Specifications

Crimper Side

Width×Depth×Height 27mm×23mm×79mm
Weight 150g
ID Information 1. Terminal information (model number, manufacturer),
2.Wire type, 
3. Core diameter, 
4. Crimp height,
5. Crimp force,
6. Appropriatestripping length,
7. Crimp position data, 
8. Shot number (maximum 8 digits),
9. Trip shot number (maximum 7 digits), 
10. Administrator (or Owner), 
11.Control Lot No.

Dies Side

Width×Depth×Height 39mm×30mm×57mm
Weight 145g
I/O Optical terminal location sensor integrated, ID tag, Wireless RF Approx.100kHz data send/receive device
ID Information 1. Terminal information (model number, manufacturer), 
2. Shot number (maximum 8 digits),
3. Trip shot number (maximum 7 digits),
4. Administrator (or Owner),
5. Control Lot No.

Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continual improvements.

Process Capability Table  

Total length Number of output pieces per hour
 30mm 8,450pieces
 50mm 8,200pieces
 70mm 8,000pieces
100mm 7,750pieces
150mm 6,200pieces
200mm 5,250pieces
300mm 5,250pieces
500mm 5,250pieces

Processing Conditions

Wire:UL1571 AWG#30
Terminal :SSH-003T-P0.2
Setting : Speed/Fast
With CPD-06

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