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Kodera C556SZe


Full automatic single ends crimping unit & single end twisting and soldering, single end seal insertion unit.

New combination model of seal supplier and C550SZTSe which is standard machine of CASTUGNON “initial 5” series. KODERA has simply designed revolutionary compact body and basic performance of seal supplier.

More developed seal supplier


DF-01 Disk Feeder

KODERA has originally developed easy and speedy seal supplier, [DF-01, Disk Feeder]. 
Now, the seal is indispensable for automobile harness field. 
As a matter of course, the on-off of seal unit can switch by operation panel. 
In order to meet with the various needs of high-tech automobile industry, the high performance supplier has been developed by the comprehensive technology of KODERA.

It has enabled to supply the awkward seal. PAT.P

  • As the seal is sorted to the correct direction with newly developed disk, more speedy supply has realized. 
  • It is possible to supply to the last seal by the sensor.
  • It is no need to adjust the vibration which used to be done for straight feeder. 
  • The unit can be easily changed by one-touch operation.
  • We recommend the combination use with 「OR-01」, oil removal unit for the seal.

Seal chuck and carry pin, fitting with the seal

disk-feederCarry pin can be changed by single crew. Seal chuck can be easily changed by one-touch coupler.










OR-01 One Push Oil Remover


This is originally developed for the proper oil removal for the seal. One touch oil removal, which used to be done manually. KODERA realized the user’s needs for the sealing. 
(Patented product). 


OUTER DIMENSIONS W330×D330×H400(mm), w/o handle
POWER SUPPLY AC200V or 220V(single phase) 50Hz/60Hz
POWER CONSUMPTION 13W(At Rest) Max.160W(Max)
ROTATIONAL SPEED Max.5500 rev/sec.
OIL REMOVAL TIME S:60 sec./M:120 sec./L:180 sec.(initial setup)
DRIVE SUPPLY Induction Motor

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