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cas op7

Kodera CAS OP-7

Holding from inside the winded wire prevents it from breaking.
Of course you can set the wire with its tray.
With the rotation sensor, the wire is rotated as much as it is unwound (fed) from the winded wire.


OUTER DIMENSIONS W480mm×D610mm×H855mm
POWER SUPPLY AC100V or AC220V(single phase)50Hz/60Hz
POWER CONSUMPTION Rated. 5W / Max. 206W(AC100V)
DRIVE Induction motor

Self-leaning function by means of integrated micro computer will feed a wire to the machine neatly.
It controls the slack of wire and unique wire straightener improves the products quality.
Furthermore, the great value of the processing and high work efficiency are realized by high speed wire feeding performance (Max. speed 3.3m/sec.)

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