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ACC series

ACC screwdrivers are 230V direct plug-in tools with built-in PCB for automatic power cut off and AC to DC rectifier. Since they do not need a separate control unit, they are indicated for all those applications where the operator frequently needs to shift the tool from one working place to another. ACC drivers have the unique feature of selectable push to start or push & lever start at the flick of a switch to suit any operator's choice. IMPORTANT: Continuous use over 80% of torque range is not recommended.

Manual Manual
141910 M3 0,2-1,0 950 230V 35 x 255 0,750 Built-in
Manual Manual
141920 M4 0,7-2,0 950 230V 35 x 255 0,800 Built-in
Manual Manual
151222 M4 0,9-2,0 2400 230V 38 x 265 0,850 Built-in
Manual Manual
151930 M5 1,0-3,0 950 230V 38 x 265 0,850 Built-in
Manual Manual
151945 M5 1,0÷4,5 450 230V 38 x 265 0,850 Built-in

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