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Motorized Test Station ATM

General Information

  • Compact and space saving Test Station for tension and compression tests with digital indication and automatic motor drive.
  • Versatile usable Test Station e.g. for pull-off tests of crimped, pressed, soldered and glued parts as cables with crimped terminals, connectors of cable harnesses as well as for insertion and extraction tests of connectors, cable insulation pull-off testing, testing cable ties and shearing tests.
  • 10000 Hz measuring rate captures even critical peak force readings.
  • Measuring system with high accuracy and repeatability.
  • Motorized drive with adjustable and controlled test speed
  • Break Stop function with automatic stop and reversal after break of test specimen.
  • Preset of test load for non-destructive tests.
  • Autoprint Function
  • Hold under load function, selectable 60, 120, 180 s.
  • Continuous cycle operation.
  • Indication and operation of measuring system via durable infrared sensor screen with dot matrix LCD-display.
  • Keypad control unit for operation of drive system
  • Tare compensation
  • Peak Point Mode with indication of the highest measured force value
  • Tracking Mode with indication of current force values.
  • Measured-value memory.
  • Single and listing output of measured values via serial port.
  • Real time clock for printout with date and time.
  • Overload indication.
  • Mechanical overload protection of load cells.
  • Serial port for data output.
  • Set-up menu for internal parameter setting and adjustment of measuring system.
  • Safety-System with safety stop function
  • Rugged all metal construction.
  • Quick change tool mounting adapters for tool assembly.

Model overview ATM

Type Indication range [N] Resolution [N]
5 0-50 0.01
10 0-100 0.02
25 0-250 0.05
50 0-500 0.1
100 0-1000 0.2
200 0-2000 0.5
500 0-5000 1
1000 0-10000 2

 Clamping tools and test fixtures

Turntable UDT 100, UDT 100-v
Clamping Crowns SG 80, SG 90
Quick Action Grippers KSH-6, KSP-8, SHA-12, SHA-20, SHA-40
Cable Clamps MK-8, DKS-20, KSS 25, KSW 25
Plug-in Plate SL-BAT for battery cable terminals
Comb Tool KW 1, KW 2
Miniature Grips FSEL
mm-Bore Gauge ML1 for cable insulation pull-off testing
Tool Set KBP for testing cable tie pistols
Step Cone KBS for testing cable ties
Tool Set KLH for insertion and extraction tests

Please see our catalogue for additional standard tools and tool specifications. Customer-specific special tools and test fixtures on request.

Technical specifications

Capacities 0- 50/100/250/500/1000/2000 N
Dimensions ca. 116x520x124 mm (WxDxH).
Weight ca. 12 kg.
Capacities 0- 5000/10000 N
Dimensions ca. 176x636x190 mm (WxDxH).
Weight ca. 40 kg
Construction durable all metal construction
Housing aluminium
Drive DC motor with linear drive
Linear stroke 150 mm
Test speed testers 50 to 2000 N: 5-600 mm/min.
adjustable testers 5 and 10 kN: 5-300 mm/min.
controlled test speed,
max. tolerance: ±3% F.S.

Optional Accessories

  • Mini Table Printer DPN 833
  • Data Transmission Cable for printer connection
  • Data Transmission Cable for PC connection
  • Keytast Interface
  • Protective Covers
  • Please see our catalogue for additional accessories.
  • Customer-specific test programmes and adaptations available on request

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