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Motorized tester FTM

General Information

  • Force Tester for tension, compression, bend and breaking tests.
  • Tester with motorized drive unit for constant test speed for precise and dependable measurements in production line testing, incoming inspection and laboratory tests.
  • 3 factory-provided test speeds, selectable by customer between 5 and 600 mm/min (for testers up to 2000 N) respectively 5 to 300 mm/min (for 5 and 10 kN testers).
  • Usable for tensile and compression tests on all types of materials.
  • 8 types with different measuring ranges are available for selection of highest possible measuring accuracy for the respective application.
  • Easy to operate and space-saving tester.
  • Indication and operation of the measuring system via durable infrared sensor screen with dot matrix LCD-Display.
  • High measuring accuracy and repeatability.
  • 10000 Hz internal update rate for exact force readings.
  • Peak Point Mode with indication of the highest measured force value.
  • Tracking Mode with indication of current force values.
  • Tare compensation.
  • Set point capability.
  • Measured value memory.
  • Serial port for data output.
  • Optical and acoustic overload indication.
  • Set-up menu for internal parameter setting and adjustment.
  • Mechanical overload protection of load cell up to 200 to 2000% of nominal load (according to range).
  • Maintenance-free and durable all metal construction.
  • Quick change tool mounting adapters for tool and test fixture assembly.

 Clamping Tools and Test Fixtures

Turntable UDT 100, UDT 100-v
Clamping Crowns SG 80, SG 90
Quick Action Grippers KSH-6, KSP-8, SHA-12, SHA-20, SHA-40
Cable Clamps MK-8, DKS-20, KSS 25, KSW 25
Plug-in Plate SL-BAT for battery cable terminals
Comb Tools KW 1, KW 2
Miniature Grips FSEL
mm-Bore Gauge ML1 for cable insulation pull-off testing
Tool Set KBP for testing cable tie pistols
Step Cone KBS for testing cable ties
Tool Set KLH for insertion and extraction tests

Please see our catalogue for additional standard tools and tool specifications. Customer-specific special test fixtures and tools on request.

Technical Specifications Model Designation FTM

Indication Ranges 0- 50/100/250/500/1000/2000 N, 0- 5000/10000 N
Resolution 4000/5000 increments, see model overview
Rel. accuracy error ≤ ±0.25% ± LSD (within the measuring range)

Force Measuring System FMS:

  • Force Transducer: DMS-load cells type MWM 80108V with integrated ADconverter and RS485 bus. Overload protection 200 to 2000% according to nominal load of load cell.
  • Internal measuring rate: 10000 Hz;
  • Control Unit:
  • Dimensions: ca. 125x105x70 mm (WxDxH);
  • Supply voltage: 12-24 V DC.
  • Display: Dot matrix LCD display with LED background lighting, 128x64 pixel, 56.3x38.4 mm. LCD update rate: 5 Hz.
  • Operation: Operation of all displayed keys via infrared sensor screen.
  • Evaluation: Operating Modes: Tracking Mode and Peak Point Mode;
  • Tare compensation; Setpoint capability;
  • Measured value memory for 10000 measured values;
  • Single and listing output via serial port;
  • Real time clock for printout with date and time.
  • Language for printout selectable: D, E.
  • Overload indication;
  • Setup Menu internal parameter selection and adjustment of measuring system.
  • Serial Port: RS232C selectable parameters: 300-76800 Baud, 7/8 data bits, 1/2 stop bits, parity: none/even/odd. connector: RJ45.

Optional accessories

  • Mini Table Printer
  • Data Transmission Cable for printer connection
  • Data Transmission Cable for PC connection
  • Keytast Interface
  • Please see our catalogue for additional accessories

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