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Test Bench PTB and FTB

General Information

Small and handy Test Benches for testing the tension force of cable tie tighten pistols (tie rap guns)

  • Quick change tool mounting adapters for assembly of different fixtures for different models of cable tie pistols and for test fixtures for the cable ties.
  • Test benches can be positioned length- and crosswise to the operator because the force gauge can be fixed user-defined at both sides of the test bench’s housing and in any orientation.
  • Model PTB 50 with indication range 0-500 N, resolution 0.5 N, accuracy class 0.5
  • Model FTB available with different measuring ranges:
    FTB 5: range 0-50 N with resolution 0.01 N
    FTB 10: range 0-100 N, with resolution 0.02 N
    FTB 25: range 0-250 N, with resolution 0.05 N
    FTB 50: range 0-500 N, with resolution 0.1 N
    FTB 100: range 0-1000 N, with resolution 0.2 N
    Accuracy class FTB models: 0.25
  • Easy to operate and space-saving test benches.
  • 10000 Hz internal update rate for exact force readings.
  • Indication and operation of the measuring system via durable infrared sensor screen with dot matrix LCD-Display.
  • Peak Point Mode with indication of the highest measured force value.
  • Tracking Mode with indication of current force values.
  • Tare compensation.
  • Optical and acoustic overload indication
  • High mechanical overload protection of load cell.
  • FTB models: Set point capability with optical and acoustic status signal.
  • FTB models: Measured value memory.
  • FTB models: Real time clock for data output with date and time.
  • FTB models: Single and listing output (with statistical evaluation) of measured values.
  • Serial port for data output of measured values.
  • Setup menu for internal parameter setting and adjustment.
  • Language for printout and display selectable: D, E
  • Maintenance-free and durable all metal construction.
  • Dimensions of basic unit: 275x116x124 mm (LxWxH). weight ca. 4 kg
  • For a detailed technical description of the measuring system please see the technical data of FT respectively PT testers.

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