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Universal Test Station Model MTM

General Information

Space-saving, easy to use Test Station with automatic motor drive, built-in precision load cell and distance measurement device.

  • For special applications additional test programmes and accessories are available. The units can be adapted to userspecific test situations and specifications as required.
  • The test stations enables pull, press, bend, elongation and break tests in all areas of testing as material testing or production control, quality assurance and incoming  inspection.
  • A wide range of standard fixing and clamping tools as well as specially designed tools for various applications enable customized adaptations to any particular area of
  • Sophisticated electronic control that makes operation easy and simple even for less experienced operators.
  • High resolution of 10000 increments.
  • Internal measuring rate of 10000 Hz provides high accuracy and consistently captures even critical peak force readings.
  • Great and good readable touch screen panel.
  • Default settings and special data can be entered using the touch screen panel.
  • Optional with built-in printer that uses normal paper
  • Adjustable test speed
  • Preset of test load for non-destructive tests.
  • Hold under load function.
  • Integrated position sensor
  • Graphic display of measured force/distance curves
  • Repeat tests
  • Measured value memory
  • Test programme selection for standard test programmes and if applicable customized special test programmes.
  • RS232C, DIGIMATIC, USB and LAN interface ports
  • Applicable measuring tools or measuring devices, e. g. for crimp height or strain measurements can be connected over the standard Digimatic port.
  • Quick change tool mounting adapters for tool assembly.

Model overview MTM

Type Indication range [N] Resolution [N]
5 0-50 0.005
10 0-100 0.01
25 0-250 0.02
50 0-500 0.05
100 0-1000 0.1
200 0-2000 0.2
500 0-5000 0.5
1000 0-10000 1

Optional Accessories

  • V24 connecting cable for PC
  • Keytast Interface
  • Touch screen protection film
  • Digital Control System KMS
  • Special test programmes
  • Customer-specific test programmes and adaptations available on request

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