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Yaesu FD-160

  • Reduce the cost and the stock. More reasonable price than cut-films. Doesn't need to stock cut-films in different lengths.
  • Sanitary and increased efficiency in the production. Everyone can take off film one by one. Sanitary since it does not contact with other films.
  • Extremely fast in cut speed. 65 pcs./min. (When set in 100 mm length). Takes out a new piece of tape after the cut tape are taken out.
  • Simply set length by digital counter. Enable to set by millimeter unit. Pre-set function enabled.
  • Safety and sharp cut?? Exclusive design for scissors cutting style to maintain sharp cuts. Usually, you don't have to exchange the blades. Safety design set the blade inside the machine.
  • High durability in humidity
  • Safely use in humid environment because the film will be come out vertically. Main parts are made of stainless.


  FD-160II FD-200II
Input Voltage AC100V 50/60Hz  25W AC100V 50/60Hz  45W
Size 292W x 273H x 232D mm 332W x 273H x 232D mm
Weight 10.6kg 11.1kg
Film Width MAX 160mm MAX 200mm
Film Thickness MIN 20µm
Film Outside Diameter MAX 210mm
Cutting Size 20 - 999mm 1mm Step
Cutting Ability 65pcs./min 100mm length


Q: What is different from PLD-3000?
A: HLD-2000 has the fastest feeding speed in the world. On the other hand, PLD-3000 is able to cut extremely small size (4 x 4 mm) of labels.

Q: Can you customize this machine to have fasten speed? 
A: Yes, we can raise the performance speed about 20% more. However, removing small labels would be difficult in this circumstances, since it requires accurate place.

Q: Is it possible to use the tape that has more than 180 mm in outside diameter? 
A: Yes it is. You can use up to 200 mm by attaching the plastic stopper.

Q: Is it possible to read a clear label? 
A: Some of the clear labels may be readable, but it would be rare.

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