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Yaesu ZCUT-3 With Stand

  • Simply set length by digital counter.
  • Automatic mode enables to cut a tape continuously at steady tempo.
        (To change the pace of the process, turn the control knob)
  • Manual mode takes out a new piece of tape after the cut tape are taken out.
  • Greater efficiency on your work.
  • Enable to cut non adhesive materials. (Protection Tape, Aluminum Foil Tape, etc.)
  • Designed to work for a long period of time.


Cut Length 40 - 999 mm
Tape Width 15 - 60 mm
Usable Tape Protection, Aluminum Foil, Craft, Cloth, Paper, Plastic, Glass Cloth, Gummed, Mylar, Double-Sided, Pre-stick, Combination. Please ask us for others.
Max Outside Diameter 260mm, 400mm
With The Stand 400mm
Bobbin 31,75mm
Dimensions 190x375x335mm
Weight 11,9 kg
*Specification are subject to change without prior notice. 


Q: How long does a blade or a blade unit last?
A: It depends on how many tapes customer cuts in a day, and what kind of tape they are cutting. We have some expectations for how long a blade or a blade unit lasts, but it depends on types of machine. Please contact us for the details.

Q: What kind of tapes can it cut? 
A: Our products are designed to cut many kinds of tape, however, some of usable tapes may not cut depends on tape manufacturer. If you have decided what kind of tape to use, please feel free to contact us.

Q: Is there a demo machine for all of products? 
A: We have demo machines for ZCUT-3080, ZCUT-3150, ZCUT-3250 at all times but we do not have demo machines for ZCUT-3080, 3150, 3250 which require sample tapes before an order.

Q: What is different from ZCUT-6? 
A: Comparing to ZCUT-6, ZCUT-3 is able to use much variety of tapes since it's able to be customized.

Q: What kind of blade is used for this machine? 
A: We use a very popular NT cutter blade.

Q: We understood that non adhesive tapes are usable for this machine, but do they stay on the machine after they've been cut? 
A: If you set the length to be long enough, they don't fall off. But if it's too short, they fall off. It is good idea to put a box below it to keep it neat. 

Q: I found that roller mark a line on the surface protection film. Can you fix this problem? 
A: If you need we can customize your machine not to mark any line.

Q: We are planning on buying the extension arm later on. Can we easily install it? 
A: You have to make a hole with a drill for the extension arm to be installed. If you cannot do it, please send the machine to us in order to install.

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