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Yaesu ZCUT 870

Tape feeder

  • Reduce waste and save the environment.
  • The moving sensor can set the location where it stops.
  • Adjusting Cuts by Moving Sensor.
  • Production of consistent tape lengths.
  • Clean and clean cut.
  • Without a coil, right out of the roll.
  • Simple change of tape length and gaps with button.
  • Easy knife change without setting.
  • Technical specification

Technical specification

Cutting length 15 - 70 mm
Tape width 3 - 25 mm
Usable Tapes Filament, Kapton, Acetate, Glass Cloth, Double-Sided, Plastic, Aluminum Foil, Cellophane, Masking, polyethylene, Copper Foil Cotton, Cloth, Mylar, Teflon, Paper, and more.
Max. outside diameter 150 mm
Fuse 2A
Power AC 100V 50/60Hz 25W
Material ABS
Dimensions 126 x 150 x 258 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 1.9kg

* Specification may change without notice from manufacturer.


What is the life of the blade, respectively. cutting unit?
It depends on the number of tapes / day and the composition of the tape material. Contact us for a detailed calculation.

What tapes can cut off?
Our products are designed to cut many types of tape, but some tape can not be cut. If you already know what kind of tape you are going to use, do not hesitate to contact us.

Is there a demo machine for all products?
We have demo machines for ZCUT-870 and ZCUT-9GR.


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